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Welcome to Applied UV! Applied UV cc specialises in UV water disinfection, which is a non-chemical method to treat contaminated water. We have been active in the UV disinfection industry since 1990 and have extensive experience in this field. More... UVPURE Water Steriliser Our UVPURE Water Steriliser system combines technology and reliability to give you the most robust and functional UV Water Steriliser available. Drinking water for farms, houses, hospitals, hotels and communities without treated water. Treatment of effluent and pretreated sewage. Treatment of seawater for fish processing. Disease control in ornamental ponds, aquariums and aquaculture operations. Shellfish purification systems. Product and washing water for beverage, pharmaceutical and food industry. Control of microorganisms in cooling towers and heat exchanges. Mobile, solar-powered systems also available. Also available with stainless steel chamber construction. Technical specifications Read our latest Newsletter Benefits Simple installation Virtually maintenance free Kills all types of microorganisms Immediate effect Low power consumption uPVC construction for minimum outlay No chlorine or other chemicals required Uses high efficiency, low pressure UV lamps Manufactured in the RSA with short lead times HOME | PROFILE | SPECIFICATIONS | NEWS | CONTACT All content copyright Applied UV, 2000 Applied UV cc specialises in UV water disinfection, which is a non-chemical method to treat contaminated water. We have been active in the UV disinfection industry since 1990 and have extensive experience in this field. UV water disinfection systems are designed around a number of factors such as water quality, flowrate and UV dose required. Water quality is a function of the clarity of the water and the dissolved substances in the water. Both these factors will effect the UV transmission of the water and, consequently, the size of the system. The flowrate will directly effect the design and sizing of the system, as a certain exposure time is required to have efficient disinfection. Locally manufactured stainless steel unit for RO water on blood dialysis machine The UV dose is a function of the exposure time and the available UV power and is expressed in mJ/cm2. Both of the above factors will have an effect on the UV dose. It is very important to take these factors into account when choosing a UV disinfection system and to make sure that the system selected can achieve the correct UV dosage required to have efficient and effective disinfection. We manufacture our own range of equipment under the UVPURE name and have installed hundreds of these units for a variety of applications. These units are available with uPVC or stainless steel chambers. 12V DC systems are also available. Due to local manufacture the UVPURE units are very economically priced. Applications range from drinking water to borehole water, food and pharmaceutical industry, mineral water bottling, beverage industry, fish farming and aquaculture (both sea and fresh water). InLine drinking water system UV is now also being used to treat effluent. These systems are very efficient and economical. For applications requiring larger flows and/or more sophisticated monitoring we supply systems from Berson UV in Holland. Berson UV has extensive experience in potable water and effluent treatment. For effluent treatment special units are designed for open and closed channels. The Berson systems have UV monitors for constant control and also manual/automatic cleaning mechanisms for maintenance free operation. Larger systems also include energy control and complete automation with microcomputers. For potable water treatment we normally only require the UV transmission and the peak flowrate to make a recommendation. UV is also used to disinfect surfaces with open UV lamps, especially in the food and beverage industry. This is used on items such as packing foil, plastic cups, bottles, bottle caps and products on a conveyor belt. With no chemicals required, UV disinfection is very environmentally friendly and does not change the water in any other way UVPURE Water Steriliser Technical Specifications The UVPURE units are available in a number of standard models. There is only one inlet and outlet piping connection required for each model and equal flows are directed to each module. Electrical supply required is standard 220V, 50 Hz ac. All models are rated at 7 bar operating pressure. The life of the lamps is 8000 hours and hour meters are included as standard equipment. There is an option of a lamp failure alarm with audio and visual indication. On the left is a schematic diagram of the P-450-DS. It has a 2x3 layout (6 lamps, horizontal x vertical). The electric control box for model P-150-DS A single-lamp installation Standard Models: Specifications Model Flow Capacities No. of Lamps Lamp Type Total Power Inlet/ Outlet Dimensions L x W x H Layout litres/min m3/hr Watts inches/mm mm P-015-DS 10 0.6 1 AUV 15 15 3/4" BSP 470X150X260 1x1 P-030-DS 26 1.6 1 AUV 30 30 3/4" BSP 930X150X260 1x1 P-055-DS 43 2.6 1 AUV 55 55 1" BSP 930X150X260 1x1 P-075-DS 63 3.8 1 AUV 75 75 1" BSP 1230X150X260 1x1 P-110-DS 88 5.3 2 AUV 55 110 1 1/4" BSP 930x150x545 2x1 P-150-DS 126 7.6 2 AUV 75 150 1 1/4" BSP 1230x150x570 2x1 P-225-DS 183 11 3 AUV 75 225 1 1/4" BSP 1240x665x575 2x2 P-300-DS 250 15 4 AUV 75 300 2"/63 1240x685x600 2x2 P-450-DS 366 22 6 AUV 75 450 2 1/2"/75 1265x710x965 2x3 P-600-DS 500 30 8 AUV 75 600 3"/90 1295x710x1100 2x4 P-750-DS 633 38 10 AUV 75 750 4"/110 1335x735x1265 2x5 P-900-DS 750 45 12 AUV 75 900 4"/110 1335x735x1400 2x6 *Flow capacities dependent on UV transmission of the water. *Flow capacities given at a UV dose of 30 mJ/cm2 and UV transmission, T10, of 80% Newsletter 17 July, 2000 InLine ultraviolet (UV) water disinfection equipment commissioned in Uganda. Applied UV cc, a Cape Town, South Africa based specialist in UV water disinfection has recently commissioned one of the largest UV systems in Africa. This is believed to be the largest closed chamber systems in operation in sub-Saharan Africa in terms of UV power available. The application was a system for disinfection of cooling water in a cobalt mining project in Uganda. In this project the mineral is extracted using a bacterial leaching process and therefore the cooling water was not allowed to have any chemical treatment. Therefore, UV was chosen as the preferred method, being the only true non-chemical, ambient temperature method of disinfection. The InLine system is especially effective for the cooling water treatment due to the ability of these units to handle poor quality waters. In fact, the InLine units are enjoying tremendous success in the USA for treatment of effluent streams of poorer water quality. The system has continuous monitoring of the UV lamps with a UV sensor to ensure that effective disinfection is taking place. To reduce maintenance automatic cleaning mechanisms were included. These clean the quartz sleeves on a continuous basis to maintain efficient UV transmission. The InLine systems use medium pressure lamps, which traditionally had short lifespans of less than 4000 hours. However, by controlling the energy level of the lamps, the lamp life is extended to 8000 hours, dramatically cutting running costs. These UV systems have the lamps installed across the flow of water (as opposed to the traditional method of parallel to the flow). This allows inlet and outlet flanges to be directly opposite each other, hence the name "InLine". The chambers are extremely compact and very simple to fit in line into existing pipework. The new MultiWave UV lamps used provide a total and permanent deactivation of the micro-organisms with no photoreactivation in a compact and very intense irradiation chamber. The size of the chamber also reduces the capital cost substantially making these units very economical, especially for large flows. Ultraviolet water disinfection can be used a variety of applications where chemicals cannot be used or are preferred not to be used. These include drinking water (domestic up to municipal scale), sewage treatment, food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical manufactures, aquaculture (fish farming) and water bottling. Applied UV cc also manufacture their own range of UV water sterilisers locally, mainly for the smaller flowrate range and have installed hundreds of these units in South Africa and surrounding countries. Contact Details Mail: Applied UV cc P.O. Box 13582 Mowbray Cape Town 7705 South Africa Tel: (021) 448-6721 Fax: (021) 448-8817 e-mail: We are represented countrywide. Please contact us for further information. Soft drink bottling plant Effluent treatment with InLine System Please use this simple form to request more information. Your name: Company: e-mail address: Telephone: Fax: (optional) How would you like to receive further information about our services? e-mail mail telephone Please give us a short description of your field of interest, or anything else you would like to add or ask us: Thanks for visiting Applied UV!