Fruit juice manufacturer installs UV water disinfection system

Thursday, February 1, 2001

Applied UV cc have installed a complete filter and UV water disinfection system at a fruit juice manufacture.The whole system is mounted on a backing board for easy installation.
Municipal water is first filtered through a sediment filter to ensure that any rust or other particles are removed. Then the water passes through a carbon filter to remove chlorine and other tastes and odours. This ensures that the water going into the juice product starts off as naturally as possible.
The final step is to treat the water with shortwave ultraviolet (UV) light to eliminate any bacteria and micro-organisms that may be present. This ensures that the product has a longer shelflife as there are no bacteria to cause spoilage.
UV treatment does not add any chemicals to the system and is a purely physical process.
To ensure that no untreated water passes through the system, safeguards have been built into the system with use of a solenoid valve. This valve will shut off there is a lamp failure via the lamp failure alarm. This also activates an audio and visual alarm. The valve will also shut off supply if there is power failure.
The client has also installed the same system at all his branches/agents around the country to whom they supply juice concentrate. This is to ensure that the final products sold taste the same wherever the production is done.
The UV units supplied have chambers manufactured from PVC, but these are also available in stainless steel if required.

InLine UV water disinfection equipment commissioned in Uganda.

Monday, July 17, 2000

Applied UV cc, a Cape Town, South Africa based specialist in UV water disinfection has recently commissioned one of the largest UV systems in Africa. This is believed to be the largest closed chamber systems in operation in sub-Saharan Africa in terms of UV power available.

The application was a system for disinfection of cooling water in a cobalt mining project in Uganda. In this project the mineral is extracted using a bacterial leaching process and therefore the cooling water was not allowed to have any chemical treatment. Therefore, UV was chosen as the preferred method, being the only true non-chemical, ambient temperature method of disinfection. The InLine system is especially effective for the cooling water treatment due to the ability of these units to handle poor quality waters. In fact, the InLine units are enjoying tremendous success in the USA for treatment of effluent streams of poorer water quality.

InLine 5000 for cooling water in Uganda

The system has continuous monitoring of the UV lamps with a UV sensor to ensure that effective disinfection is taking place. To reduce maintenance automatic cleaning mechanisms were included. These clean the quartz sleeves on a continuous basis to maintain efficient UV transmission.

The InLine systems use medium pressure lamps, which traditionally had short lifespans of less than 4000 hours. However, by controlling the energy level of the lamps, the lamp life is extended to 8000 hours, dramatically cutting running costs. These UV systems have the lamps installed across the flow of water (as opposed to the traditional method of parallel to the flow). This allows inlet and outlet flanges to be directly opposite each other, hence the name "InLine".

The chambers are extremely compact and very simple to fit in line into existing pipework. The new MultiWave UV lamps used provide a total and permanent deactivation of the micro-organisms with no photoreactivation in a compact and very intense irradiation chamber. The size of the chamber also reduces the capital cost substantially making these units very economical, especially for large flows.

Ultraviolet water disinfection can be used a variety of applications where chemicals cannot be used or are preferred not to be used. These include drinking water (domestic up to municipal scale), sewage treatment, food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical manufactures, aquaculture (fish farming) and water bottling.

Applied UV cc also manufacture their own range of UV water sterilisers locally, mainly for the smaller flowrate range and have installed hundreds of these units in South Africa and surrounding countries.

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